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Job: Assistant Head Grower, Altman Specialty Plants, Colorado Springs, CO

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General Information


Job title: Assistant Head Grower
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Job location: Colorado Springs, CO  80927 United States
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Date posted: 11/13/2017
Job type: Full-Time
Job Category:Greenhouse
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Job Description

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? Coach the Section Growers and help in developing a culture of teamwork.
? Produce quality crops consistently with the use of crops protocols working with the Head Grower to develop and refine protocols as needed.
? Prepare a weekly labor schedule working with the Head Grower, to cover all labor needs including weekend irrigation needs, and maintaining needs within a labor budget.
? Prepare weekly prioritized projects list, reviewed with the Head Grower each week.
? Ensure that all critical cultural tasks are completed on time, communicating to the Head Grower any labor, space, or equipment constraints.
? Maximize labor efficiencies through measuring, monitoring, and improving the work flow.
? Understand, train, and check quality of Irrigation techniques and timings.
? Monitor crop times to ensure the readiness of crops based on their scheduled finish dates. Help identify if crop times are incorrect and adjustments need to be made.
? Have a working knowledge crop flowering requirements to help ensure crops finish according to schedule.
? Have a working knowledge of environmental requirements for each of the crops in your area. ex. Light, Shade, Temperatures, Humidity, Moisture Needs
? Understand plant nutrition – Fertilizer, EC, pH, nutrient deficiencies and toxicities
? Perform or delegate In-house soil testing weekly, review results with the Head Grower and take corrective actions as needed.
? Perform or delegate IPM Scouting for pests and disease
? Prepare weekly scouting report with recommendations to review with the Head Grower. Follow up with scouting and reporting as necessary.
? Direct and Assist with Pest and disease control Applications – Chemical and Biological controls. Monitor and report any phytotoxicity issues
? Maintain proper sanitation practices and disinfectant applications
? Ensure that all PGR and pest control applications are being met in a timely manner with proper rates and techniques.
? Maintaining chemical control checks to evaluate efficacy of PGR’s
? Maintain records of all PGR applications, fungicide and pesticide application in their area.
? Maintain records of all crop movements and dumps using tablets and/ or Evolution to ensure an accurate crop inventory.
? Inspect all crops delivered by planting to ensure quantities and quality is correct. Any problems should be reported immediately.
? Direct pinching and pruning technique
? Determine when crops need to be spaced and work with the Head Grower to determine the proper spacing needed.
? Direct and oversee proper weed management – Maintain a clean and weed free area.
? Understand the use of environmental data loggers to monitor microclimates and accuracy of greenhouse environmental controls.
? Ensure that the safety program is being followed by all members of your team in your area.
? Ensure that the 5S program is being followed by all members of your team in your area.
? Ensure all equipment in your area is being used and maintained properly.
? Maintain a clean, organized, and safe chemical storage area
? Maintain a clean, organized, and safe growing area
? Report inventories of fertilizer and pesticides to the Head Grower as needed, in a timely manner, so that replenishment stock can be purchased.
? Work with the Head Grower and the Office Manager to resolve any disciplinary problems immediately.
? Lead weekly safety topics
? Execute quarterly safety inspections
? Oversees new employee/transfer employee growing area safety orientation
? Other task and responsibilities as assigned by management
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Job Requirements

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Education and Experience: A degree in Horticulture and 5 years growing experience
? Bilingual English and Spanish is preferred
? Excellent verbal and written communication skills
? Strong growing and technical skills
? Willingness to work flexible days, Saturdays and Sundays as needed
? Self-directed with high organizational skills & ability to multi-task.
? Able to interact with other departments
? Respect for & ability to communicate with diverse labor force.
? Skilled in problem solving
? Computer experience with emphasis on Excel, Word and database applications preferred.
? Flexibility & willingness to learn.
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