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Job (this posting is now closed/inactive)

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General Information


Job title: Plant Healthcare CSR / Technician
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Job location: Santa Ana, CA  92705 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 07/31/2013
Job type: Part-Time
Compensation: We have Full Time & Part Time
Job Category:Arboriculture
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Job Description

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Plant Health Care Specialists.
The ideal candidates will have 1+ yrs experience working in Plant Health Care OR a 2/4 year degree in Forestry or a related field.

Certified Pesticide Applicator License is preferred

We are looking for candidates who are looking for a long term career with a company.

Performs all functions of Plant Health Care: SM, tree injection, root invigoration also including administration, scheduling, inspections, sampling, treatments, inventories, equipment maintenance, record keeping, report writing, and customer relations

Understands and demonstrates proficiency with products and techniques used to maintain plant health
DOT qualified driver/can operate all PHC trucks and equipment
Understands and adheres to label directives on each product used
Utilizes all appropriate personal protective equipment
Ensures that all company policies regarding the storage and handling of pesticide products are adhered to
Understands and practices the correct mixing and transportation procedures
Understands and practices the appropriate plant health diagnostic skills
Demonstrates the proper pesticide application skills
Understands and implements drift control procedures
Understands and implements all required record keeping and on line reporting procedures

Supervises and monitors all PHC specialists and work
Demonstrates correct pesticide container disposal techniques
Supervises and trains other Plant Health Care Specialists during performance of assigned work

Attend PHC training
Leads by example
Reports for duty at the designated location on time each day
Is prepared to work as a member of a tree care crew, under the crew leader’s supervision
Learns and understands the dangers associated with electrical hazards
Follows directions from the crew leader or designated supervisor, arborist representative, or local manager
Learns, understands, and adheres to all safety rules and company safety policies
Participates in all safety training sessions offered, asks questions, and improves job safety skills
Submits samples and reports to the diagnostic clinic
Understands and follows directives on all pesticide and fertilizer work orders
Communicates well with crew leader, arborist representative, and local manager
Interacts regularly with clientele in order to ensure job satisfaction and scheduling.

EOE Employer
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Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
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ISA Certified Arborist or Currently working towards
Degree in Horticulture
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