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Job (this posting is now closed/inactive)

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General Information


Job title: Manager of Garden Growing Operations at Elawa Farm
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Job location: Lake Forest, IL  60045 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 12/02/2012
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: To be discussed at interview
Job Category:Fruit & Vegetable
Estate Gardeners/Gardeners
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Job Description

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Job Summary:
The intent of the management of the Garden at Elawa Farm is in place: To ensure that the stability of the Garden is secured in the absence of one Manager; To provide a shared responsibility of the needs of the Garden at present and in the future; To provide the volunteer work force leadership with an informed, full time staff member at all times.

Responsibilities: Manage overall operations of the day-to-day operations of the Garden.

Major Responsibilities/Activities:
• Daily management and maintenance of garden to facilitate proper planting, care and harvest of fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and herbs.
• Facilitate long range vision of Garden development as pertains exclusively to horticultural growing operations.
• Research and analyze historic Garden footprint to advance/improve restoration objectives as per historic garden plan and archival photographs.
• Research past grower’s records, and keep accurate annual records of growing plans for optimum growth of garden aesthetic and maximum productivity.
• Develop annual planting, seeding and ordering plan; coordinate with growers.
• Plan for and execute necessary improvements in physical garden space for optimum garden growth.
• Develop hand and computer graphics for planning, bidding and presentation purposes.
• Maintain accurate and timely financials, invoices, deposits, etc. This will include monthly cash balance reports, income statements or balance sheets.
• Prepare prompt budgets for all garden related activities. This includes the development of an annual planting budget for the next year, 6 months in advance of planting requirements for review and editing by EFF.
• Maintain accurate and timely office records, including published calendars of activities, events, lectures and tours.
• Working a schedule, which may entail weekend work, to maintain the health and stability of the garden and associated crops.
• Teach a mandatory annual Garden Orientation Program for all Garden staff to learn: Expectations; How to answer questions from the public; Procedures and techniques for proper, horticulturally sound gardening practices; Changes that may occur from one season, or year, to another. Training should also include an overview of the history of Elawa Farm.
• Foster relationships with chefs to provide crops for their kitchens.

Shared Responsibilities with Manager of Market Operations:
• Follow the rules and guidelines for employees of the Elawa Farm Foundation (EFF), including directions from the President, VP, Executive Director (ED) and the regulations in the employee manual.
• Cooperative decision-making for future projects by the voting board of the Garden Stewards with recommendation to the Elawa Farm Foundation Board.
• Respectful of the Existing Historic Garden Plan, and in cooperation with the Garden Stewards, develop a long term vision and plan for the garden and related entities to articulate and promote to public, governance, growers, donors, etc. This also includes progressive replanting of the entire garden as denoted (with approved edits) on Historic Garden Plan.
• Consult with Manager of Market Operations on needs of each entity and related staff in planning, ordering and growing all items seasonally, and then annually, in the entire garden.
• Develop long range plan and schedule of needed resources to carry out annual plan of action: volunteers, suppliers, funding. Create overall plan for allocation to respective areas.
• Develop coordinated education and orientation plan for public knowledge regarding all aspects of Elawa Farm for public, donors, volunteers.
• Volunteers:
? Direct supervision of volunteers in the Garden at all times.
? Develop volunteer outreach program and increase volunteer pool. Recruit and retain volunteers.
? Develop formalized training and education program for volunteers and garden helpers.
? Facilitate volunteer program throughout the year. Mentor and monitor volunteers on a group or one-on-one basis.
• Works directly with Garden Stewards Committee chairpersons.
• Monthly Meetings with Foundation VP of Garden Operations and seasonal meetings with Garden Stewards required.
• With directional help of Stewards, develop plans for special events that relate to all entities of garden operations - Christmas Market, Dinners, etc. Assist in execution of such special events.
• Facilitate timely harvest of produce for Garden Market in accordance with Garden Market plan.
• Maintain all events on the Elawa Community Calendar and coordinate events with the Executive Director and other tenants.
• Take direction from the Executive Director for coordination of property and building use, special events and delivery of vendor goods and services. This includes all construction and/or repair projects.
• No hiring of any paid contractor or service provider without prior approval. This includes garden workers, chefs, kitchen assistants, market helpers/clerks.
• No expenses incurred greater than $1,000.00 without prior approval.
• All fundraising activities are to be coordinated with the EFF President and Garden VP.
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Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
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Minimum Requirements Necessary to do This Job:
Education: Bachelor degree in Horticulture Science, or equivalent

Experience: 3+ years of horticultural experience. 2+ years of management experience.

Skills: Requires strong computer skills, such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software.

Working Conditions: Outside year-round work, often in rain, wind and heat. Climate-controlled office space.

Equipment Used: Potential use of rototiller and power tools. Hand tools, wheel barrels and standard garden equipment.
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