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Job (this posting is now closed/inactive)

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General Information


Job title: Rifle Nursery Production Manager
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Job location: Rifle, ID  81650 United States
Requisition code: 10214
Date posted: 11/22/2013
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: $45,000

Benefits: Health, Dental, IRA and PTO
Job Category:Environmental Projects & Ecological Restoration
Garden Center
Horticulture Science
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Job Description

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Title: Rifle Nursery Production Manager
Location: Rifle, Colorado

Job Description:
The Nursery Production Manager ensures adherence and oversight of the plant/seed production and collection programs. This individual conducts a key role in maintaining CSR’s native plant diversity and genetic integrity. The Nursery Production Manager is responsible for the construction and management of all plant production, seed production, collection, propagation and maintenance programs as well as the inventory protocol and upkeep. In addition the Nursery Production Manager shall orchestrate plant production programs to promote CSR, Inc. as a leader in technology, forethought and vision. This position will supervise the Nursery and Seed Department Staff by establishing protocol and constructing systems by which each program must follow and maintain. The Rifle Nursery Production Manager will provide weekly reports to the Colorado Regional Manager for the Manager Meetings and will be a backup for those meetings in the absence of the Colorado Regional Manager.

The duties include but are not limited to:
1) Develop a marketable and efficient production program for container and field grown plants (forbs, grasses, trees, shrubs, and wetland species) from seed, cuttings, and/or liners.
2) Develop and oversee production and collection of native seed in the most cost
effective and profitable manner.
3) Oversee the collection, cleaning, testing, inventory and all processes essential to the shipment of seed and or plants.
4) Responsible for the oversight of, the management and staffing of optimized plant
culture programs through appropriate handling, watering, fertilization, and application
of pesticides.
5) Development and maintenance of a stratification strategy and program for native seed
using various methods to achieve the most cost effective programs.
6) Develop and oversee a monitoring system for plant care, pests and their diseases.
7) Responsible for appropriate and timely response to crop threats in order to limit plant damages in the most economical manner.
8) Implement best management practices to deal with known and hypothetical issues.
9) The oversight of the overall care of all live plant material held, grown, and obtained
by CSR, Inc.
10) The oversight of the care and proper upkeep of all production facilities, acquisition of production-related supplies and materials including seed, production containers,
media, and equipment. Responsible for obtaining quotes and establishing a production flow that maximizes the profit potential for CSR Inc.
11) Supervising the Nursery staff in a manner to maximize the profit potential for CSR.
This will involve proper and constant communication with other CSR managers/departments. Communicating with the Colorado Regional Manager to
utilize cross trained staff efficiently.
12) Supervision over shipping into and out of all wholesale and retail facilities of
products related to production and sales.
13) Participate in the sale of products produced, timely collection of payment, and the
issue of timely sales and customer information to the central office in order for
invoices to be created.
14) Establish and oversee the maintenance of plant/seed inventories and procurement.
15) Manage the fulfillment of all plant orders for internal and external customers and
16) Development of annual production plan and methods.
17) Representation of CSR, Inc. at tradeshows, and the provision of appropriate plant materials.
18) Track department’s time & expense budgets, bills of lading, receipts, invoices - working closely with the
Regional Manager and Corporate Controller as well as others in the management team.
19) Oversee all timecards, expense reports and time away requests for department’s employees.
20) Direct management of staff, including recruiting, assessing, training and dismissals in compliance with company
policies and procedures.
21) Must have valid drivers license, require Class A CDL
22) Attend weekly safety meeting.
23) Ability to lift 50 pounds
24) Other duties as assigned by Supervisory Staff
25) Comply with companies standard operating procedure and policies
26) CSR is a drug free work place, all employees are subject to pre-employment and random drug testing

To accomplish the above duties, the ability and willingness to work both as an integral team member and independently and to take leadership of multiple ongoing projects will be critical. The ability to maintain a positive relationship with agencies, venders, co-workers, and clients will be necessary. A commitment to the environment will ensure alignment with CSR’s goals. The position will require direct supervision of employees. CSR, Inc. is a drug free workplace. All employees are subject to drug testing.

Position Requirements:
-Degree in horticulture/botany or 5+ years experience in the nursery field.
-Have a valid driver’s license (and Class A CDL, or ability to obtain one)
-Ability to work safely outdoors in high and low temperatures, and on varied terrain
-Have a current pesticide applicator’s license, or ability to obtain one
-Prior experience with greenhouse and nursery production
-Familiarity with Excel, Word
-Familiarity with native plants of the Intermountain West

Preferred Experience & Education:
-Coursework in horticulture, botany, soil science, insect-, disease- and weed-management, greenhouse production
-BS in horticulture, botany, or related field or 5+ years experience in the plant industry.

About CSR:
CSR, Inc. is an environmentally-focused and vertically-integrated company striving to restore land and create wildlife habitat, using plants and seed native to the western region. CSR, Inc. provides services including Nativescape design and installation, restoration, land stewardship, and biological monitoring. More information resides on our web site:

To Apply:
Send your resume to:
Conservation Seeding and Restoration
PO Box 800
Kimberly, ID 83341
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Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
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-Degree in horticulture/botany or 5+ years experience in the nursery field.
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